It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Its true, Christmas is literally the most wonderful time of the year. The lights, the trees, the smell, the LOVE. Everything about Christmas is nothing short of incredible. Now most of you know that I have a YouTube channel & this Friday (11/09/2018) I teamed up with some AMAZING ladies to bring you guys a super fun Holiday video where we answer some questions while being the best Holiday Cheermiesters we can be! Okay maybe we didn’t take it THAT far…. but tis’ the season, so would you blame us if we did?! Didn’t think so!

Like Buddy would say – “the best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear”….. or answering these questions for all of us to read LOL. I thought that it would be so fun to share these questions with you guys so you can answer them in the comments! I love getting to know my subscribers and this is the perfect way to do just that! SO lets get things poppin’



  1. Favorite Christmas Song
  2. Favorite Christmas Dessert
  3. Favorite Christmas Character
  4. Favorite Christmas Movie
  5. Favorite thing to do with Family
  6. Favorite Christmas Memory
  7. Favorite Christmas Scent
  8. Favorite Christmas Quote
  9. FUN LITTLE TWIST QUESTION: IF you were the Grinch, what is one thing you would steal from Christmas?


I know a lot of you probably aren’t that excited for Christmas YET (ya betta get that way real quick HAHAH) no but seriously.. I though that this would be a fun way to get everyone just  a little bit more in the Spirit even though it is November! I hope that you guys will join in on the fun and let me get to know all of you just a little bit! If you are interested in my answers, I will link my video down below so you can check that out! Don’t forget to share these questions with you loved ones, or even on you own blog so everyone can join in! Thank you guys so much for being here, and I will catch you next time!!



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