Night Routine

Getting into a routine is HARD. Especially when you are so used to just doing whatever, whenever (guilty). But now that Bexlee is older I have realized just how much better she function throughout the day when we have a little bit of structure.

We have literally been doing whatever we want for almost two years now, so I didn’t want to change everything right at once – that would be a WTF moment for both of us LOL. To keep things easy and simple I started by adding an easy night routine to our day. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy: dinner, bath, book, bed. Not only does Bexlee sleep better, but I do too & I get to have a little free time at the end of the night which is a TOTAL Mom Win!


Before her bath, I like to let Bex pick out some undies & jammies. She’s very independent so I like to let her have control over SOME parts of her day (still no ice cream for breakfast though LOL.) For bath time I like to keep it short (15 min or less). Bexlee LOVES baths and would stay in the tub all day if we’d let her, it also hypes her up, so keeping it short helps to calm her down and get her ready for bed. I like to keep the bath toys to an minimum because, Bexlee + Bath toys = CRAZY and the goal is to calm her down! My favorite bath products – Johnson & Johnson Lavender head to toe wash or the Regular Scent, we use both. The lavender is so calming and relaxing + is smells divine. For lotion I use Shea Moisture body oil – It smells amazing and keeps B’s skin moisturized and baby soft. We follow the bath up with lotion & Jammies!

sm oilbexlees pj


After we have our jammies on, we pick out a book or two and get snuggled up in bed to read them. Bexlee loves Birthday Monsters and Where’s the Baby’s Belly Button.


If I remember to, I will fill my diffuser with water and lavender essential oil & turn it on. I tuck Bexlee into bed with her favorite animals and sometimes I’ll lay with her until she falls asleep. Once she is sleeping, I go do Mom things….. and by that I mean the dishes!

Find my Fall Night Routine Video here:

Thank you guys so much for reading & watching! I’m gonna be updating my blog to go hand in hand with some of my YouTube videos, so I hope you guys will stick around and subscribe to both pages! I love you all and I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful fall weather!



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