•The Best Diaper Bag•

I never realized how much stuff I could fit into one diaper bag; although I needed most of the stuff I put into my previous bag, it started to look less like an organized mess and more like a black hole. For some reason (I’m a hoarder) I feel the need to fill every single pocket a diaper bag has to offer, seriously though… Bexlee has never taken a pacifier in her life (except for a month long stretch where she loved them.) And I have four I my bag because “you never know.” **insert eyeroll.** Even though I there is a lot of stuff you need when it comes to a diaper bag, comfortability is key. 

As my bag started to become more and more crowded and harder to carry I decided that I needed to find a new one, preferably a backpack because #stylish, Am I right? Not only are backpacks easier on the back, but they are easier to carry when you have your arms full of other things, like your precious LO for example. Now I had found several bags that I liked, but the price however, not so much. During my recent visit to Albuquerque, and one of our many shopping trips, we visited Burlington which is where I found my dream bag (dramatic I know, but I don’t play when it comes to bags.) The color, the pattern, the design, everything was just what I wanted! 

Here she is! The JJ Cole backpack diaper bag in Citrine Lattice! Not only does this bag have and do everything you need, but the color is amazing. It comes with a changing pad, stroller straps, and a shoulder strap in case you aren’t feeling the backpack. The material of the inside and the outside of the DB make it easy to wipe down should it ever get a little dirty. The bag retails for $79.95 but I got mine for $30 at Burlington (a gift from my beautiful Momma.) You can also find this bag at Amazon for $41.35 or the actual JJ Cole website for $29.95. (: 

JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag

JJ Cole BPDB- Amazon

This back pack has some amazing features such as:

  • 10 total pockets
  • 2 zipper front pockets
  • 2 exterior bottle/sippy cup pockets (I use one for snacks.)
  • Zip top closure with flap closure also
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Wipeable changing pad
  • Non slip stroller grips

    I would say that it is a medium/large sized bag. The dimensions are 15″h x 15″w x 15″d and weighs 1.6 Ibs. 

    I have only had this bag a week and I seriously love it. I used to leave my diaper bag in the car whenever we would go places because it was such a pain to carry, now I love taking my bag with me to show it off. It’s cute and it’s comfortable, what more could you want? This bag comes in many different colors and JJ Cole is having their spring cleaning sale, so don’t forget to go check them out! This would be perfect gift for yourself or another Momma friend. 💛 

    Comment below and tell me your favorite baby item! 

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    Much Love, B. ❤️ 


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