My YouTube Channel

If you didn’t already know, I have a YouTube Channel! If you did know that, you might be wondering where I have been. Here’s the story. I started my channel about three years ago as a creative outlet, and to share my love of makeup with whoever was interested in watching. I did really good for awhile and was consistently posting new content. When I decided to move back to Utah from NM, I decided to put my channel on the back burner and focus on moving. I told myself, “once I get moved I will start filming again.” I got moved and settled, I uploaded maybe one or two videos, and then I just got busy with work and life. 

After I had Bexlee I thought, well if I get back into YouTube and take it seriously, I know I could really do well and make a living for my family. It was perfect… I was taking a year off to be home so I would have plenty of time to film, edit and upload consistently, and I did! Tayton bought me a new computer, and it had all the programs  I needed to edit my videos. I would film while Bex was napping or playing, then I would edit at night when everyone was in bed so I could just focus on that, when I was finished I would upload on Wednesdays! It worked out great! 

About four months ago I was in the process of editing and my computer completely crashed. I can’t do anything without it and I’m sure as heck not going to buy a new one (unless I have to of course.) But when I do get my computer fixed I will be back on YouTube! It’s something that I love doing, and I can’t see myself giving up on it. I promise I will be back! I have so many great ideas for my channel that I cannot wait to share with you guys! Until I can get back on there, I will link my channel down below so you can check out my current videos. If you’d like to subscribe that would be great, if you don’t want to subscribe, I hope I can get you hooked once I’m back 😉 and to those of you who are still subscribed, thank you for not giving up on me! 

Bailee Gabriell – YouTube Channel

If you have any suggestions of videos that you’d like to see, PLEASE let me know! I love hearing from you guys! Much love to you all! 



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