Finding adorable and affordable clothing seems to be such a task lately, especially when you live in a small town like I do. Shopping is SO MUCH FUN but not when you have to drives hours, or pay loads of money for shipping just to get a couple things. So today I am here to share with you the cutest boutique I was introduced to via Facebook, and now have the pleasure of working for, Posey and Pence. 


Posey and Pence is a family owned boutique that carries straight sizes, plus sizes, nursing/maternity, athletic wear, shoes AND children’s sizes. They have beautiful pieces at unbeatable prices! At Posey and Pence you can find amazing deals such as >>>


New inventory is posted every day at 5pm, you can head over to my Instagram page to see the new arrivals, make sure to turn your notifications on so you never miss a post. 


Every Wednesday you can find a style box which will include an entire outfit, top to bottom, and some accessory to go along with. The accessory can range anywhere from nail polish to jewelry, it’s always something super cute! The box goes up on Wednesday and is restyled the following week! So you are getting a new outfit styled for you every week for an UNBEATABLE PRICE. 


Not only is Friday the best day of the week, but over at Posey and Pence five people who place an order on Friday will be randomly selected to reciece a FREE goodie in their order. The goodie is always something random, but useful, and can be found on the Posey and Pence website!

Did I mention that they even carry shoes! You HAVE to go over and check them out. You won’t regret it. Posey and Pence is seriously great. They have awesome customer service and everything is FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING. Aside from the perks of shopping and working with this company, it makes me feel so good to know that I’m supporting a family!  

Posey and Pence
Posey & Bailee Instagram
Posey & Bailee Facebook
Use code bay10 for 10% off every order. 

Since I am an affiliate when you use my code bay10, I do get little bit of kickback from each purchase, so thank you from my family to yours. ❤️ Don’t forget to check P&P out, and let me know what you loved! As always, thank you for being here! 



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