I was never one for baths until I had Bexlee, and although I still prefer showers, I have found some amazing things that make baths even more relaxing and therapeutic. 

First and foremost I always LOVE to put some sort of calming bath soap or even bath crystals in the water. My beautiful baby cousin, Morgan, gifted me with BOTH at my baby shower back in August and they have been at the top of my “love it list” ever since. These would be the perfect items to add to your registry, to purchase as a gift for a friend, or just to TREAT YO SELF. Lol. Dr. Teals Foaming Bath in Eucalyptus & Spearmint…. YOU GUYS. You have to get it. Thank me later. Seriously. The scent of this is so relaxing (obviously) and it leaves your skin feeling so soft and refreshed. It’s gentle on the mind, body, and wallet. (; 

Dr. Teals Foaming Bath

For the Bath Crytstals I have the burts bees ones! They are seriously amazing. I do have to say that I prefer the Dr. Teals bubble bath because lets be real… what person doesn’t love BUBBLES in their BATH?? But these crystals are great. The smell is very relaxing and perfect for keeping baths a bit shorter, again, bubbles… huge distraction. LOL. 

Burts Bees Bath Crystals

I think it is super important to exfoliate your body. I wouldn’t do it everyday, but maybe one to two times a week. During the day we tend to get a lot of icky stuff on our bodies that can’t always be washed off with soap and water… not only that but it’s great to give your body the helps it needs to get rid of dead skin and leave your new skin glowing and baby soft. There are many different body scrubs that you can use, and depending on the sensitivity of your skin you might want to look into the different types, you don’t want to get something that is too rough or not rough enough. For me I like something that is thick and little bit more on the coarse side! I have my perfect body scrub recipe that I can share with you in another post, but for now we’ll talk about the one I am currently obsessed with. It’s full of healthy, chemical free ingredients and leaves your skin feeling UH-MA-ZING. The mint for each other body scrub from posh. *insert heart eyes*  the chunky sea salt and rosemary leaves do an excellent job of exfoliating while not being too harsh. The peppermint is relaxing and well it smells damn good. CAREFUL though… there are some parts of the body that don’t need to be minty fresh. LOL. If you know a Posh distributor.. make sure and contact them, otherwise the link is below. (: 

MFEO Body Scrub

Bath bombs are also AMAZING for a bath. Personally I prefer the ones from Lush but you can honestly find them anywhere! I actually have a new one waiting for me and I am super excited to use it! I was thinking of doing a full post on that one once I have an opinion on it.. yes, no? Let me know in the comments. (: 

Last but certainly not least… hand masks! Yes, a mask, for your hands. What?! I have not used this yet but I thought it would be an excellent thing to add to your Bath (aside from a bottle of wine of course.) Especially if you are constantly washing your hands like me. It’s not very often that we treat our hands with the love they deserve. But I am seriously looking forward to trying this guy out! I will for sure do a blog post letting you guys know how I like it, so stay tuned.

Altogether I have learned that baths are lovely when you find things that you like to go along with. Thank you for being here and don’t forget to let me know if you have, or plan on trying these things! 

– Bailee 

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