So Tayton and I LOVE camping. Whenever either of us are bored that’s the first thing we want to do, and it literally does not matter where. There’s nothing more refreshing than escaping reality for a few days and getting to enjoy the sights, and smells of the outdoors. Usually we just pack a few things and take a drive up the mountain until we find a spot that’s nothing short of perfect, but now that we have Bexlee things are SO different.

Now I know what you’re thinking, camping with a baby seems like it would be ummm… awful. Right? Well it’s not and I’m here to share with you the tips and tricks I have picked up while taking our Sweet Bean on our outdoor adventures.


First and foremost, you want to make sure your little one has a cozy place to sleep. Since we sleep in a tent I feel much more comfortable knowing Bexlee is tucked in between us so for us, we co-sleep! But there are many other options I have found that would also allow baby to be snuggled in with Mom & Dad. Side sleepers are a top favorite, they allow baby to have his/her own space all while keeping them close and in arms reach.

Swaddle Me By your Side Sleeper


If your LO (little one) is anything like Bexlee, they HATE being held 24/7, but when you are camping you can’t exactly set your baby down and say “RUN FREE!” Don’t get me wrong.. it’s great to put baby down and let them experience their new surroundings, but if they aren’t A) Mobile or B) Wanting to be held Mommas gotta have something for them! That’s where the Pack and Play comes in and TRUST ME they are AMAZING.

Smart and Simple Playard

This is the exact one we have and it’s life changing when we go camping. The changing station keeps baby clean and safe, and the side pockets are perfect for dirty diapers PLUS you can move it inside your abode and use it for babies bed. It’s easy to set up and easy to take down.. that’s a WIN WIN WIN in my book.

  • FEEDING – Breast, Bottle, Solids

Since Bexlee is breast fed the idea of having to take bottles and formula never crossed my mind, but I don’t know what a pain in the butt it can be trying to pack these things in an orderly and space saving way! Formula packages aren’t exactly dainty and easy to pack so try choosing something smaller and more friendly! Mason jars are PERFECT! You can add the desired amount of formula and just toss the scoop right in, or put it in a bag and tie it to the side. Washing bottles is easy, simply add a little soap a little water, shake and rinse. For soap I would opt for something more natural and mild such as Dr. Bronners or little twig.

Little Twig

Dr. Bronners

Breastfeeding doesn’t really require much preparation and packing unless you plan on pumping! It’s not easy to store breast milk especially if the only place to have to keep it frozen or cold is the cooler. So for traveling and camping I would chose a portable easy to use pump. I have the Medela hand pump and it is WONDERFUL. It’s small and it often times comes with a nipple, so once you’re done pumping you just switch the lids and you’re done. You don’t have to worry about the milk going bad or storing it + it’s fresh for your LO.

Medela Hand Pump

Packing solid foods is pretty simple. Pick a few UNOPENED foods you know your baby loves and pack them with one or two spoons and a sippy cup for water (if your child is ready for water or course.) It’s better to take unopened foods because they are fresh until opened. Bexlee usually eats a whole jar in a day or two so I can just toss it in the cooler between meals. We also like to take a few crackers just incase baby food gets rather boring. Bex LOVES the sweet potato and carrot mum mums. To pack them I set them nicely in the diaper bag between clothes and diapers so nothing gets broken. (:

Camping is always such a blast for us and the more we go the more we learn about how to make things more simple and fun; I love being able to share it with you guys! Hopefully you enjoyed this post and got some use of out it. Stay tuned for part 2.



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