Welcoming Bexlee

After nine long months, it was finally time to welcome our sweet girl to the world.

Monday November 7th I got up around 6:30am and started getting ready for work like usual. As I was doing my hair I noticed that I was having contractions, although they weren’t painful at all they were pretty consistent, about ten minutes apart. I payed close attention to the contractions and knew that something was different with my body, I just couldn’t quite out my finger on it. I continued to get ready and around 7:35am Tayton was headed out to work, I kissed him goodbye and told him “make sure and keep your phone with you today I have a feeling we might have a baby!” I had told him that a few times over the past couple weeks but for some reason, today was different.

Around 7:45am I headed off to work myself. I got to the bank around 7:55am and started going about my usual day. Around 8:00am I went to use the restroom and as I was finishing up I noticed some fluid leaking that seemed to get worse when I moved certain directions. I thought to myself, “either I’m still peeing or my water just broke.” I returned to my station and asked my co workers what to expect when you water has broken, and we all decided that my water was indeed leaking. I called my Doctors office and texted my cousin who is a nurse and they both told me to get to the hospital as soon as possible. I called my Mom and Tayton and told them what was happening and to be prepared to come to the hospital.

It was a Monday and work was busy so it took me awhile to get out of there. Around 10:15am I got everything put away and headed home. Tayton was already there waiting for me, so we got everything loaded up and headed to the hospital. I walked to the front desk and told them that I thought my water was leaking so they checked me in and shortly after our nurse was walking us back to the labor and delivery rooms. I got changed into a gown, and soon my Dr. came in to check me and sure enough, my water WAS broken. At this point It was about 11:30am and I was only dilated to a one so my Dr. informed me that if I still wasn’t making any progress around 4:00pm they would start me on a pitocin drip to get things moving.

The nurses came in, gave me an IV, hooked me up to a monitor to watch babies movements and track my contractions (which were gone at this point) and told me that I should get up and walk around every hour to help get things going. When I wasn’t hooked up to the monitors I was up walking around the hospital And boy did it feel good!

Before we knew it was 4:30pm and my Dr. was back in to check and see where things were at. Sadly I was only dilated to a two… It was time to start that pitocin drip! EEK.. I was so nervous. Shortly after I got this medicine I started to feel little contractions. They weren’t terribly painful, but they weren’t comfortable either. If you’ve had a baby I’m sure you know they feeling. If you haven’t, the best way to explain it is like period cramps times 10… or 100 depending on where you are at with pain management! Lol. By 6:00pm quarter to 7:00pm the contractions were getting to be almost unbearable. I knew it was time for that epidural. I had been up walking around as much as I could to try and ease the pain but nothing was helping!

Around 7:30 the nurse came in and asked me how I was feeling, and I answered “I’m ready for that epidural.” We laughed a little and she went and got the magic man. lol. Now usually an epidural should only take around 5 minutes from start to finish… That wasn’t the case for me. For some reason, maybe the way baby was sitting in my belly, my spine is a little tiny bit crooked which causes problems when your about to have your spine poked at. The Dr. started the process and boy was it painful! Since my spine is not straight everytime we would out the catheter in my back it would hit a nerve in my left side… It was AWFUL. Finally on the 6th try we got it, and it was so worth it! The nurse checked my cervix which was dilated to a four and 70% effaced! Shortly after my epidural kicked in, I fell asleep.

My nurse came back in around 11:30pm to check my cervix again and I was dilated to a 10 and fully effaced. IT WAS BABY TIME!! She called my Dr. And started setting up the room up for delivery while he was on his was over. Bexlee was still a little high in my birth canal so they my contract for s little bit longer to hopefully bring her down a little more. On the monitor we could see that everytime I would contract, baby girls heart rate would get really high, so my Dr. wanted to put a more sensitive monitor in her scalp to see what was going on. He had my nurse and Tayton pull my legs up and push three times so he could get the monitor in her scalp and realized that she was ready to come out!

My Dr. pulled the stirrups out and starts talking me through the breathing and pushing process while we are getting ready to deliver this little girl. Now pushing isn’t easy… One push consists of three separate pushes that last 10 seconds each and only allow you to catch enough breath to go right in the next push. You do this until the baby comes. Luckily my beautiful baby girl was beyond ready to meet her Mommy and Daddy and at 12:25am, 14 minutes and 3 pushes later we had a baby!

Bexlee came out just as perfect as we knew she would! She wasn’t crying which made the nurses nervous but she was just fine. She was looking around and taking in all these new things she was experiencing. After a few pats to the back she let out one big cry and then was back to looking around. Tayton was standing next to us and once he started talking Bexlee was knew that that was her Daddy’s voice and boy was she looking around for him. It was the most beautiful moment of my life.

Aftee little miss ate, she was weighed and measured. Our beautiful 7lbs 6oz 21in baby girl was ready for bed. Bexlee, Tayton and I slept all the through the night! We were all worn out.

After all the necessary tests and shots were given, and Bexlee had her first bath, we were discharged from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon!

We had he most amazing stay at Moab Regional Hospital! Everyone was incredible and we had the most amazing care! I couldn’t have asked for a better place or better people to help us welcome our little girl.

Bexlee is two weeks old now and doing AMAZING. She is the most precious gift from God and Tayton and I are so incredibly blessed that she chose us to be her parents!

I hope you guys enjoyed my birth story! Make sure and come back to see how Bexlee is doing! (:

XOXO – Bailee.

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